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This article sheds light on the different viewpoints about the application of hadd to apostates in Islam
A telephone conversation with Wiliyam Wīṣā (Dr.) regarding the Coptic conference held in Virginia, USA for the renewal of the Coptic work abroad.
The U.S state department has issued a new report on the state of human rights in different countries around the world.
European Copts have been invited to attend a conference on religious freedom in Egypt that will be held in Germany later this month.
This article sheds light on the supposed visit of President Mubārak to the White House and the nine demands awaiting him which are set by the Egyptian coalition.
The following provides the transcript of an interview with Dr. Hālah Mustafá in which she discusses current affairs in Egypt and the recent character attacks she has had to endure.
Comments on Freedom House’s recent visit to Egypt.
Ahmad Mūsá writes about the American interference in the Egyptian affairs.
Magdy Malak reflects on the scope and power of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and bemoans the lack of any real opposition parties that are able to compete with the ruling National Democratic Party.
A review of a book entitled, ‘Alwan Al-Hurreyah,’ [Colors of Freedom], by Sameh Fawzi. The book discusses the evolution of democracy around the world and focuses on what needs to be done in Egypt to promote democratic ideals.


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