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The four papers comment on the issue of the freedom of press in Egypt in light of the detention of Mustafa Bakri, Editor-in Chief of Al-Usboa, and his deputy Mahmoud Bakri.
Dr. Sa‘d al-Dīn Ibrāhīm was investigated because of his defence of the Muslim Brotherhood and for the series of articles he wrote for an Egyptian daily titled "The Ugly American."
A few days ago, the president of the American University in Cairo (AUC), David Arnold, decided to remove Islamic and Arabic contents from a number of AUC textbooks, including syllabi in Islamic history, Arabic literature and social sciences. A large number of the university’s staff has...
The article is about a reported project by the US Embassy in Cairo to launch a website dealing with problems facing Egyptians.
The article reports on a tour of US churches for some Christian and Muslim figures organized by the American embassy in Cairo.
An informed source at the U.S. Embassy in Cairo has denied rumors that the embassy has taken procedures to dismiss 20 Muslim employees working on its premises.
Jamāl Shāhīn reports on a new program by the American Embassy in Egypt that will target young reformists and train them in the principles of democracy and human rights. Shāhīn considers the decision of the US Embassy to allow members of the Muslim Brotherhood to participate as a sign of change in...
Muhammad Hilāl reports on the statements of Shaykh Dr. Muhammad Bashār ‘Arafāt on inter-cultural understanding.
The US Department of State defended the American ambassador in Cairo, David Welch, with regard to the accusations directed to him for interfering in the affairs of the Egyptian press.
The Egyptian Ministry of Interior has been applying strict security measures since the occupation of Iraq in the Latin America street where both the American and British embassies are located. The article explains the consequences of these measures on the inhabitants and owners of shops in the...


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