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According to the article, the Vatican shares Egypt's wish to avoid an escalation of inter-religious tensions. This comes after Cairo on Tuesday recalled its ambassador from the Holy See following comments by Pope Benedict XVI, who condemed the church bombing in Alexandria and called for the country...
The author begins her piece by referring positively to an Italian priest who has permitted Muslims to hold Friday prayers in a section of his church, justifying this by saying he seeks to strengthen relations between the religions. She then compares this with what she calls the "unjust, stubborn...
German minister of interior delivers a lecture at Cairo University about the significance of interreligious coexistence and the role of religion in society and politics.
Fahmī Huwaydī reflects on the Dutch movie ’fitna’ and Arabic and international reactions to it.
Ahmad Bashā reports on the Swiss call to give al-Hadarī Swiss citizenship.
Muhammad Salmāwī reports on the book fair in Geneva where Egypt was the guest of honor.
The author writes that Egypt has agreed to criminalize polygamy that was underlined in the final recommendations of the Euro-Mediterranean Parliamentary Assembly that was recently held in Athens, Greece.
The article looks at a resolution that was recently passed in the European Parliament concerning Egypt’s human rights record. The resolution has created uproar in many Egyptian milieus.
Fahmī Huwaydī, the author, says the Egyptian record of human rights violations is too bad to be defended, affirming that reports of human rights groups in Egypt are based on true stories of victims.
The article is an interview with Sir Derek Plumbly, the British ambassador in Cairo who is about to leave Cairo and return to Britain. At the end of his tenure, Plumbly reflects on his feelings toward Egypt and how the country has changed.


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