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In an unprecedented move, the Arab League is preparing for holding an international conference under the title "Arab-European…The image of Islam in history textbook in Europe" in the period from 12 to 14 December.
Nine organizations issued a joint statement expressing their fear that the trial of human rights defender Saad Eddin Ibrahim and 27 others before a Supreme State Security Court might not meet international fair trial standards. The trial is scheduled to open on 18 November 2000. The statement was...
The head of Cairo Appeals Court decided to begin hearings in the trial of Dr. Saad Eddin Ibrahim on the 18th of November. He is charged with receiving about 261,000 Euros from the European Union (EU) without permission from official departments. In addition, he is accused of forging official...
The ambassador and the under secretary of the Minister of Foreign Affairs for Human Rights, Hany Khilaf, declared that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has provided the Egyptian embassies with all the information on the events in Al-Kosheh and the procedures that are being taken by the government.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs declared that during the past two days, the Egyptian ambassadors in Europe quickly acted in order to prevent the European Union from issuing a statement concerning the events in Al-Kosheh.


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