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Fr. Mūsā Ibrāhīm, official spokesperson of the Coptic Orthodox Church, announced that Pope Tawādrūs II decided to form a commission to follow up on the legal consequences around the issue of Wādī al Rayyān. 
After a brief respite, St. Macarius Monastery in Wādī al-Rayyān has once again found its way back into the spotlight after monks woke up to find the Environmental Ministry’s demolition equipment and police working to repossess a thousand acres of the monastery’s land.  According to sources, when...
Monks from the St. Macarius Monastery in Wādī al-Rayyān, al-Fayūm, confirmed that security forces led by the Environmental Affairs Agency demolished monastery facilities, including a church, monastic living quarters, and farmland.  They said that several monks had been assaulted while protesting...
Siwa Conference 2017 Part 8/12: Policy of the Egyptian Government to Sustain the Unique Character of Water Resources in Siwa Oasis
Egyptian Minister of Environment Dr. Khālid Fahmī received Archbishop Dimitri Damianos of St. Catherine’s Monastery at the Educational Cultural Center (Cairo House) to discuss the plan for the development of St. Catherine’s Reserve.
The issue of culling and executing all pigs in Egypt dominated the discussions of the Shūrá Council last week.
The author of the article describes the bureaucratic and legal difficulties that the Monastery of the Holy Virgin has experienced in trying to establish a small wooded area near its premises.
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