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Minister of Education Ibrāhīm Ghunaym said the syllabi, designed by specialized research centers in association with the civil society organizations, are as sacred as constitutions, noting those syllabi have never been and will never be drawn up by any political party.
Hānī Kimāl, the spokesperson for the Ministry of Education and General Director for Artistic and Cultural Activities, dismissed claims from various news outlets that he was affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood, saying that these claims simply seek to slander the reputation of the Ministry. 
Researcher Islām Biḥayrī described discussions about reconciliation with the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood as “the crisis of all crises,” from which Egypt and the surrounding region would not recover again. In a long interview with al-Dustūr, Biḥayrī said: the Brotherhood got a proper chance to...
Al-Waṭan is publishing the Human Rights Committee's report at parliament regarding the field visit to the Copts immigrating from al-ʿArīsh to al-Ismāʻīlīya.
The incident of the exclusion of a Christian reader from her job reflects the excess of some officials within the Egyptian administrative system that aim to exclude Christian citizens from the top ranking positions.
The article talks about the discrimination on the basis of religion that occurred in the Faculty of Specific Education at ‘Ayn Shams University. The minister of education is paying close attention to the case of excluding a Christian assistant professor, Ghādah ‘Ātif, from the academic schedule two...
An interview with Egyptian Minister of Education Dr. Yusrī al-Jamal, who discusses the problems in Egyptian education and the measures being taken to improve it.
The vegetables market established on the sidewalk of the Press Syndicate prevented, the day before yesterday, the Minister of Education Dr. Yusrī al-Jamal from attending a celebration held for praising the journalist’s outstanding students sons.
The review takes up the issue of the niqāb as Jack Straw, Leader of the House of Commons, called on Muslim women in Britain to take off their veils in workplaces, while in Egypt, the President of Hilwān University made a decision to prohibit all niqāb-wearing students from entering the...
Safinaz Kazem writes about her experience of what she sees as persecution, as a result of her opposition to President Sadat’s signing the Camp David Accords, and states that persecution is for all Egyptians, not just Copts.


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