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Watani questioned the security expert General Fū’ad Allam about the recent terrorist attack in al-Zaytun for his opinion on the incident.
The absence of a Christian girl from her home for more than five days enraged 200 Copts in Mallawī in Minia. Copts demonstrated in front of the state security headquarter calling for her to be returned.
Al-Dustūr reports on the joint statement issued by Human Rights Watch and the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights on the decree issued by the Ministry of Interior allowing putting a "-" in the religion entry for Bahā’īs.
The state security forces prevented Christians from praying in a church and has refused to give them authorization to do so under the pretext of Muslims’ objection to the establishment of a church there.
The Egyptian security forces detained many people who were involved in demonstrations that were organized to support the Palestinians of Gaza. Humanitarian bodies and families of the detainee protested at the Journalists’ Syndicate and called for the quick release of those detained.
Security forces in Cairo detain humanitarian activists from the “toward Gaza” campaign. One of the detained [Philip Rizk] was said to be “abducted” by the state security to an unknown place. A notification was filed and investigations are ongoing.
Prosecutors in Samallūt’s sectarian incidents that claimed the life of a Coptic young man have failed to find out who shot the victim.
Egyptian state security forces arrested nine religious talk show hosts affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood over accusations that they were plotting to incite people against the regime.
The author discusses the fact that mandatory first aid kits and reflective triangles are still not on the market even though drivers are hunting furiously to find them before the grace period expires.
The security bodies which participated in resolving the ambiguity of the killing of the jeweler and the three workers in al-Zaytūnwill never catch the perpetrators of the crime because of the lack of modern technology for the detection of criminals.


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