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The article discusses rumors of terrorist attack on Cairo’s underground, and the heightened security measure that have been implemented to potentially prevent such an attack.
Coptic Orthodox activist laymen call to change the list of rules and legislations regulating the election of the Coptic patriarch. A Coptic Orthodox member of the Council of State sent a letter to President Mubārak with suggested rules.
The author discusses the continued problem with identity cards, specifically the section for entering one’s religious affiliation. He provides a number of examples of individuals whose identity cards have incorrect information on them, or who repeatedly have to validate the information present.
The author wonders how security forces can chase Islamic preachers and break demonstrations at mosques, while allowing Copts to gather for a rally without intervention.
Y?suf Sidhum welcomes the new year and hopes to see a positive change in Egypt. He highlights the positive economic development, and recalls negative incidents from 2006
A description of a visit to the Convent of St. Dimyānah on the Occasion of the festival of Saint Dimyānah whereby Metropolitan Bīshūy provided the delegation with a detailed explanation of Coptic traditions related to the convent. Dr. Picard noted differences between the way Metropolitan Bīshūy and...
Huṣnī ‘Abd al- Masīḥ, an Egyptian Bahā’ī, filed a lawsuit against Major General Ḥabīb al- ‘Ādlī in his capacity as the minister of interior, demanding that the Civil Affairs Department [CAD], affiliated with the Ministry of Interior, issue national identification cards and birth certificates void...
The article talks about the Ministry of Interior’s intention to commute the death sentences of the leaders of al-Jamā‘ah al-Islāmīyah and al-Jihād organization to life imprisonment.
Photos of the military-style parade staged by the Muslim Brotherhood at al-Azhar University raised alarm in the Egyptian press that the Muslim Brotherhood was forming a militia.
The article provides an overlook of the progression of human rights in Egypt. It reviews the first term of the National Council for Human Rights and questions if its efforts are being felt by Egyptians.


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