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The writer complains about an encyclopedia written about Islam by a Jew, which he considers unnecessary Israeli interference and dishonoring of the heavenly religion.
The author discusses Egypt’s security apparatuses and argues that, while people in Egypt are living in a police state, security bodies are naïve in their attempts to ensure the country’s security. They only focus on futile measures.
This article sheds light on human rights violations in Egypt including the torture of civilians at the hands of policemen and security officials. The latest incident at al-Za‘farana ambush opened a pandora’s box and revealed atrocities being practiced in Egypt.
The author says that the forensic report belies the interior ministry’s claims that Muhammad Flayfal, the prime suspect in the case of the Tābā bombings in 2004, was killed with his wife in a shootout with security forces, affirming that Flayfal and his wife were shot from behind at...
In this interview, Tal‘at al- Sadāt, a member of parliament and lawyer for Muhammad ‘Alī ‘Abd al- Latīf, demands that the interior minister be relieved from his duties.
The author, the editor-in-chief of Sawt al- Ummah newspaper, demands the trial of Interior Minister Habīb al-‘Ādlī, after Muhammad ‘Alī ‘Abd al-Latīf, a citizen who was accused of murdering more than 10 people in cold blood, was found innocent.
The author argues that Egyptians are living in a “police state.”
This article discusses the relationship between security services and citizens and criticizes violations committed by security officers. It also talks about traffic problems.
The Egyptian prosecution releases a large number of detained pro-judges protestors of different political affiliations.
The author discusses the recent confrontations in the Egyptian Parliament between the Muslim Brotherhood and the Interior Minister Habīb al-‘Ādlī over a number of thorny issues.


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