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Minister of Insurances and Social Affairs Najwá Khalīl revealed that the total grants obtained by NGOs until the end of July hit LE600 million, adding finance for some NGOs, up to LE96 million, was rejected because it clashed with sovereignty and national security.
  On Monday November 10, the deadline for NGOs to register under the Ministry of Social Solidarity ends. This amendment to the law of 2002 which dates back to Mubarak-era places NGOs under the supervision of the Ministry of Social Solidarity. This affects more than 47,000 employees should the...
MP Muḥammad Anwar as-Sādāt, head of the Human Rights Committee in the House of Representatives, said that Egypt is living on foreign funding, aid, loans and foreign financing.
The Egyptian Coordination for Rights and Freedoms published a copy of a decision issued by the Minister of Social Solidarity to close the institutes of Islamic preaching.
Assistant to Social Solidarity Minister, Nevīn al-Qabbāj, said that the Ministry has established eight centers to host and guide women, and to protect them from violence, in partnership with relevant NGOs.
On Saturday, during a telephone interview for the TV program “Sā'a Min Misr” (One-Hour-News On Egypt), the head of The Egyptian Organization For Human Rights (EOHR), Mahmūd Badawi, critized a recently court ruling that gave non-governmental organizations the right to receive foreign funding,...
Egyptian non-governmental organization leaders showed great concerns after the Ministry of Social Solidarity Ministry issued a draft law on regulating the work of the civil society groups in the country. The draft law is headed for parliament for approval.
Hulsman responds to questions about the role of Egyptian security in our struggle to obtain NGO status.
Council of State rules in favor of NGO status. Circulating rumors about Bishop Kyrillos of Naj al-Hammādī followed by demonstrations. PhD thesis declares Rose al-Yūsuf apostate, showing great divide between liberal minded journalists and traditionalist Islamic scholars.
According to article no. 4 of law 84 for 2002, the Ibn Khaldūn Center and the “American and the Democratic Institutes” are considered to be legally dissolved.


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