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Frequently questions are asked about why this accident had to happen. Was it a punishment of God? Was it a terrorist attack directed against Christians? The author ponders a number of answers given by Christians and Muslims in Egypt as well as questions asked and claims made by Coptic...
If the situation was not extremely embarrassing I would not have dared to write these lines. The situation is embarrassing for the non-governmental organizations because they have lost confidence in the governmental system.
Human rights organizations have long criticized what they report to be the deplorable conditions of Egyptian prisons. Nothing new or particularly surprising there. But when an autonomous semi-governmental body actually condemns living conditions in prisons as inhuman, then all hell breaks loose....
Dr. Mervat Al-Tellawi, the Minister of Insurance and Social Affairs, together with Pope Shenouda visited the injured people in the accident of Beni Suef. She also offered her consolations to the families of the dead people.
A government counterattack has thrown the three-week old campaign against the new Law 153 for Associations and Civil Institutions into disarray. Social affairs minister Mervat Tellawi has led a public relations campaign to deflect international criticism of law, which aims to keep a check on the...
In a sudden contradictory development, eight organizations of human rights in Egypt presented requests to register the organizations as civil ones working under the new NGO law. Their request were presented in a secret meeting between them and Dr. Mervat Al-Tellawi, the Minister of Social Affairs.
In the second installment of her two-part interview with Al-Ahram Weekly, Minister Mervat Tellawi [the interviewee] tells Mariz Tadros [the interviewer] how it is possible to build a corporate culture of compassion.
The staff of the Azhar University files a law suit against the annulment of the Azhar Scholars Front.
[also in Al-Osbua, July 6, 1998] The governor of Cairo, Abdel-Rahim Shehata, issued a decree dissolving the Azhar Ulama Front according to directions from a higher religious authority.


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