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All indications pointed out that the means, which the government follows to deal with the disaster of Al-Kosheh, do not support the national unity.
The bishop of Balyana and Dar El-Salam, bishop Wissa confirmed his trust in the [state] prosecution [agency] and investigations that being made into the incidents of destruction and murder in Al-Kosheh.
President Hosni Mubarak made sure that stability has come back to the village. Mubarak discussed the governmental procedures for compensations and punishing criminals.
The national disaster that took place in Al-Kosheh should not be used to push the ruling party towards democratic reform. It is also not a good occasion for taking revenge over political enemies. The only result of all that would be the failure to reach a solution. In other words the author claims...
Al-Usbua received two letters for the editor in defense of bishop Wissa. Al-Usbua responds.
This time, the government dealt with the incidents of Al-Kosheh differently, and it was praised by Christians before Muslims in Al-Kosheh. However, it was expected from the government to do this early and while the incidents were happening, not to wait until the intervention of President Mubarak’s...
The main reason behind the killings were the rumors that were spread by evil-intentioned villagers. This is what Mr. Mustafa Abdel-Qader, Minister of Local Development, who is the delegate of President Mubarak to Al-Kosheh has stressed.
The author argues that it is in the interest of the Israeli secret service to saw discord between peoples of different denominations in the countries surrounding Israel. Examples are given from Egypt and Lebanon.
On Monday, a republic order was issued by which Marina Church could be built on the northern coast.
A large number Azhar scholars asked President Mubarak to postpone the ratifying of the draft bill of the Personal Status law, until it is submitted to a committee of scholars.


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