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Jamāl As‘ad comments on Pope Shenouda’s opinion concerning the inheritance of power in Egypt.
The article sheds light on the meeting that took place between Mustafá al-Fiqqī, head of the Egyptian parliamentary Committee for foreign affairs, and Copts in Washington.
Seven Egyptian parties submit a document to the government that includes a general framework for solving Coptic problems.
Pope Shenouda offers his condolences to President Mubārak and devotes his weekly sermon to children and the youth.
In his editorial Sidhum again refers to President Mubārak’s Easter message to Copts. Sidhum comments on the discrimination that exists against Copts in Egypt and mentions the lack of Copts in significant government positions.
The author comments on President Mubārak’s Easter message to expatriate Copts, he mentions the effect that the message had on Egyptian people within Egypt’s borders.
A telephone conversation with Wiliyam Wīṣā (Dr.) regarding the Coptic conference held in Virginia, USA for the renewal of the Coptic work abroad.
European Copts have been invited to attend a conference on religious freedom in Egypt that will be held in Germany later this month.
Watani International defends Mubārak’s stance toward Gaza and criticizes the Arab politicians that have verbally attacked Egypt. He extols Mubārak’s wisdom in not responding to these verbal attacks but calls on Egyptians to realize that Hamās is completely to blame for the situation in Gaza.
The following provides the transcript of an interview with Dr. Hālah Mustafá in which she discusses current affairs in Egypt and the recent character attacks she has had to endure.


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