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An ad hoc committee set up to defuse the Dahshūr crisis, where Mu’āz Muhammad Hasab Allāh was killed in clashes between Muslims and Christians, rejected a protest staged outside the Supreme Court on Tuesday (Aug. 14) to condemn the forced displacement of Copts from their homes in the impoverished...
Al-Ahrām ran a brief piece on the background of Counsellor Mahmūd Mikī, the new Vice President.
Dr. Maḥmūd Zaqzūq, Egypt’s former Minister of Endowments and Secretary-General of the Egyptian Family House (EFH), called for a clear and comprehensive definition of terrorism to be agreed upon by all international institutions, pointing out that terrorism is an illicit use of violence aimed at...
Dr. Muhammad Mukhtār, Minister of Endowments, has stated that a call to promote jihād in Egypt by Dr. ‘Abd al-Rahmān al-Birr, a prominent leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, was a breach of faith that merited legal action.
Security experts have requested that the new American and Israeli Ambassadors to Egypt be rejected by the Egyptian authorities.
Al- Watan was informed by anonymous sources from al- Sīsī’s media campaign that al- Sīsī has decided that he shall not present a presidential platform.
A police officer, al-shahāt [martyr] Mitwally Ahmad, lost his life after he was attacked by a group of terrorists who fired four bullets at him while he was on his way to work in the al-Qantarah police station, Sharqia.
Within the context of its participation in the “Youth against Violence and Extremism” Program implemented in Romania during October, the youth mission of the Maat for Peace, Development and Human Rights (MPDHR) made a presentation about the Egyptian culture and civilization, focusing on the major...
Meanwhile, Minister of Insurances and Social Affairs Dr. Najwá Khalīl said the ministry has so far approved giving a legal license to 4,000 civil society organizations since the beginning of this year, which is equal to all associations approved throughout all of 2011.
Ambassador Ahmad al-Bidiwī, Assistant Foreign Minister for Diplomatic Corps and Inspection Affairs, said there will be no restrictions on bearded and hijāb-clad persons to join the foreign ministry in the contest that will soon take place.


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