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Egypt suffers a number of problems like slum areas, unemployment, and trade imbalance and privatization issues. The government is trying its best to solve these problems in the short and long term. The problem of Coptic endowment has been taken seriously by Dr. Ganzouri’s government.
In the final week of last September I was told by my colleague Mustafa Abaza, who is an ex-general, about the incidents in Al-Koshh and the violent and unwise actions of some of the police investigation officers against suspects of a murder and other crimes, which is an action that is not new to...
The best thing about the incident in Al-Koshh was that it revealed many things, the most important being the ways of the West in penetrating a country and intervening in its domestic affairs.
Minister Adly says there was a plan to blow the incident of el-Koshh out of proportion to disturb social peace in the country.
The Egyptian government has launched an international publicity offensive in the wake of disclosures in The Telegraph last month about a brutal police crackdown on Christians in southern Egypt. Actions include paying for full-page newspaper advertisements in cash and a lobbying campaign on the...
Dr. Muhammad Hamdi Zakzouk, Egyptian Minister of Endowments, said that the vicious campaigns against Egypt which claim that there is persecution against Copts are campaigns made by suspicious foreign bodies that are obvious in their motives.
Encroachment on Islamic monuments and their use as administrative buildings are threatening the national heritage.
The People’s Assembly and Shoura Council members from Sohag have announced their strong condemnation of the rude letter sent from the British Lord to Sohag’s governor.
The Sohag members of parliament have sent a request to Dr. Fathi Serour, head of the Egyptian Parliament, to immediately reply to Lord David Alton who sent a message to the Governor of Suhag General Ahmad Abdel Aziz Bakr threatening to wage a campaign against Egypt’s tourism if he would not...
A conference condemning religious fanaticism took place yesterday in Sohag Governorate under the slogan of ’National Unity’. The Writers’ Association organized the conference. A large number of writers and artists were present in addition to Muslim and Christian religious leaders.


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