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The three Coptic Churches have welcomed the resignation of the government of Dr. Hāzim al- Biblāwī and stated that the timing was right. They requested the formation of a technocratic government in order to fulfill the demands of the revolution. They requested that the new government strengthens...
Egypt is going through a new battle in the UN in the context of combating terrorism.
On behalf of the Egyptian Government, the Minister of Legal and Parliamentary Affairs ʿUmar Marwān (Omar Marawan) required the adding of the representative of the Egyptian Church to the permanent committee of technical, legal and administrative experts on the protection of manuscripts.
The Maspero Youth Union, a Coptic movement, said that it will not speak out in favor of a presidential candidate until the Supreme Presidential Electoral Commission has officially announced the final candidate list. The movement assured that its members are free to support any of the presidential...
In the same time that the Ministry of Endowments states that it needs 15,000 new employees, the Ministry stated that it shall stop employing (prayer callers) muazzin in mosques and will reduce the grade of prayer caller to that of a worker.
Security Forces are pursuing in Assuit a group of law-breakers who are threatening Copts in al- Shamiyah village in Assuit. A number of Copts are kidnapped from time to time by this group in order to bargain for ransom (Yūnis Darwīsh, al- Shurūq, Feb. 9, p. 6). Read original text in Arabic.   
Dr. Yusuf al- Qaradāwī, head of the International Union of Muslim Scholar has requested the members of the union to convene in Turkey to discuss the crisis that the Muslim Brotherhood organization is going through.
Ramses al- Naggār, legal advisor to the Coptic Orthodox Church, stated that interim President ‘Adly Mansūr has made an important decision by making the presidential elections precede the parliamentary elections and stated that this decision is evidence to his closeness to the demands of the...
Dr. Muhammad Mukhtār Jum’ah, Minister of Endowments, has decided yesterday to expel any imām or preacher that takes part in sabotage and the destruction of infrastructure of society
Anonymous security sources stated to al- Watan that the security forces were capable of identifying the 12 members who appeared in the “Battalions of Helwan” video. 


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