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The Israeli government has officially requested Egypt that it [be allowed to] build in Cairo the largest synagogue in the Middle East together with a Wailing Wall. Israel said in its request that was sent via diplomatic channels, that Egypt’s acceptance to this request will assure and strengthen...
The Jews claim that they are God’s chosen people which is a fallacy. They have been able by illegal means to make Britain give them the promise of Balfour, which allowed them to establish a Zionist national state in Palestine. This allowed them to spread their influence across the world and to...
"Peace for minorities", that is Israel’s secret slogan. Israel beliefs that wars and conflicts "gathers" Arabs together and peace "scatters" them.
Israel presented an official apology for the report published on the Internet by the media office of the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu.
The Zionists conspire to weaken Egypt. That contained a plan to incite strife between Muslims and Christians.
It was not a coincidence that the British Sunday Telegraph, owned by the Jewish media moguls, has launched a fierce campaign against Egypt and its national unity at this particular time.
The Israeli television presented a program on the religious persecution in Egypt in which it was claimed that Egypt does injustice to the Christian minority.


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