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The difference between the Israeli and Egyptian press in reporting news related to the Palestinian and Israeli attacks reflect the polarization taking place. A major difference is in reporting and selecting news and quotes. That is most remarkable in the way the Palestinian condemnation of the...
Several Israeli and Palestinian figures appeared during a recent seminar at theGW Marriott Hotel on the Cairo-Suez desert highway on peace in the Middle East region. The seminar was organized by the UN Information Center. The Israelis and Palestinians pretended they were defending the Palestinians...
The MEMRI writes many of its translations “bring honor and respect to the Arab world and show it isn´t made up of radicals only.” Hulsman provides examples of MEMRI placing some of their translations in a wrong context.
The author provides a commentary on the Muslim Brotherhood, criticizing its actions and beliefs, and warning that it is gaining substantial ground toward becoming the political leaders of perhaps multiple Arab nations.
The article discusses gloating by some Israeli newspapers and websites over the disaster of Egypt’s 35-year old ferry al-Salām Boccaccio 98, which sank some 50 miles off Egypt. The paper says that many Israelis celebrated the ordeal in which hundreds of Egyptians were killed.
The author argues that Arabs and Muslims should not deny the Holocaust because of their feelings over the Palestine issue, but that at the same time, the Holocaust does not excuse Israeli aggression against he Palestinians.
Well-known Muslim dā‘īya, Khālid al-Jindī, has said that exporting goods from Egypt to Israel is harām [unlawful according to Islamic sharī‘a].
The author argues that it is in the interest of the Israeli secret service to saw discord between peoples of different denominations in the countries surrounding Israel. Examples are given from Egypt and Lebanon.
Whatever the circumstances were, or the excuses, what happened last week in Al-Koshh that is located in Upper Egypt should not pass away without strict and harsh punishment for everyone who caused or participated in or encouraged the disaster.
Sub-titles: The issue of Jerusalem will not be solved through negotiations, be ready for other options. I refused to visit Bethlehem because the Israeli flag profanes its lands. We have to take an action to face the Israeli nuclear domination With confidence, faith and cheerfulness, Pope Shenouda...


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