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Background:In this press conference the Governor of Alexandria, Chancellor ʾIsmāʿīl al-Jawsaqī, answers question on recent developments in the governorate and his views for the future of the city.Side A:The Governor of Alexandria discusses some of the problems Alexandria faces and the efforts being...
Background: Dayr al-Sulṭān is a monastery located on top of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem, which the Egyptian Coptic Orthodox community claims to be their heritage. The rest of the tape consists of several interviews with employees of Dutch port business, Slavenburg & Huyser B.V...
Social services buildings that are affiliated to churches have to go through rigorous licensing hurdles before they are legal, even if the building is not going to be used as a church at all.
The article discusses a tragedy that took place in Alexandria last week when a 12-storey building collapsed into another one, killing dozens of local residents.
The article discusses an incident of violence between Muslims and Christians. The incident started with a simple quarrel on the street, which appeared to have been resolved until the following day when the violence erupted.
The article discusses the trials of a Muslim man, Mahm?d Salah, who was charged with attacking Copts in churches.
A study written by a Swedish scholar of theology contains a wonderful analysis of al-Maskīn’s writing, and a historical overview of Coptic theological development.
The article highlights the agreement between the pope and Alexandria’s governor to solve any sectarian disagreement that may occur. The church attitude toward those who attended the laymen’s conference is also explained in this article.
Nabīl Zakī analyses human rights violations committed by Egyptian police.
The review deals with the angry Coptic reactions after the medical commission entrusted with examining the Alexandria churches assailant’s mental health said in its report that Mahmūd Salāh al-Dīn ‘Abd al-Rāziq is delusional and schizophrenic and not responsible for his actions.


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