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Judge Muṣṭafā Alham, Governor of Luxor, met with the delegation of the Italian Catholic Church, headed by the Italian archbishop Luigi Vari, accompanied by Bishop ʿAmānūʾīl ʿAyyād, Luxor Archbishop of Coptic Catholics and the coordinator of the visit.
Official leaders attended yesterday the inauguration Mass celebration of the Evangelical Church of Banī Mazār in the Upper Egyptian governorate of Minya.  The church, including further 17 Coptic institutions in the governorate, was destroyed in 2013 by elements of the banned Muslim Brotherhood in a...
The Egyptian-Polish archaeological mission unearthed three papyri containing Coptic inscriptions that date back to the sixth century during excavation works at one of the Middle Kingdom tombs in al-Karnak, Luxor.
Father Shenouda Marqus welcomes President Mubārak’s decision to annul the Hamāyounī Decree, which required a presidential permission for the simple repairs to church buildings.
Victor Salama writes a report on the sectarian attacks in al-‘Udaysāt, Luxor, resulting in the deaths of two Christians.
These articles address how sectarian strife in Egypt occurs in several areas under various forms. Although calm appears to be quickly restored, everyone seems to await a new crisis. The writers suggest that old ways of dealing with the crisis are futile, and that there should be more frankness and...
Reviewer: ‘Amr al-Misrī One person has been killed and around 17 injured in Muslim-Christian clashes in the village of al-‘Udaysāt, Luxor, after Muslims allegedly attacked a church, which had been built without a license. A local priest accused the security forces of being slow to intervene.
In a presidential reshuffle, Husnī Mubārak has appointed Copt, Maj. General Majdī Ayoub Iskandar, governor of Qinā. He is the second Copt to occupy this position during the past 30 years after Maj. General Fou’ād ‘Azīz Ghālī, who was commander of the 2nd field army during the October 6, 1973 war...
The Community Council [Majlis al-Milli] of the Diocese of Luxor and Armant Isnā held a commemoration service for the Egyptian family, which fell victim in the dreadful massacre that took place in Jersey City, the USA.
More than 3000 Copts demonstrated in the church of Luxor, asking for the return of Bishop Amonius, the Bishop of Luxor, whom the pope deposed more than a year ago. They objected to the pope’s oral decision not to mention his name in the mass prayers.
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