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The Endowments Department in Qena has started to investigate the chair of the syndicate of imāms and preachers in the governorate, Shaykh Qurāshī Salāmah
Official leaders attended yesterday the inauguration Mass celebration of the Evangelical Church of Banī Mazār in the Upper Egyptian governorate of Minya.  The church, including further 17 Coptic institutions in the governorate, was destroyed in 2013 by elements of the banned Muslim Brotherhood in a...
Bishop Cyril of Najaʿ Ḥammādī praised the annual visit conducted by the governorate’s executive leadership, headed by the Governor of the territory, to the Archbishopric to present their well-wishes for the feast.
Sectarian tension dominated the al-Nawāhid village in Qena yesterday as rumors of an 18-year old Coptic boy raping a 15-year old Muslim girl caused a violent outbreak burning ten houses. The state has tightened security in the village to contain the situation. The boy and girl are both being held...
The Muslim young men accused of setting alight Copts’ shops are interrogated by the general attorney.
Signs of a sectarian strife have appeared in Bahjūrah village in Qinā governorate, due to competition between a National Democratic Party candidate and an independent candidate who has close links to the Muslim Brotherhood.
The author reports on the latest incident of arresting a citizen on allegations of breaking into a church in Qena.
Nineteen Coptic pilgrims from St Mary’s Church in Shubrā al-Khayma, Cairo, died and a further 24 were wounded when a bus bringing pilgrims back from the Martyr’s Monastery in ‘Isna, crashed headlong with a speeding truck and fell into al-Ramādī canal in the village of al-Qaraya.
The news report focuses on the accident that claimed the lives of 19 young Christians during the journey back from a monastery to the Virgin Mary Church in Cairo, spotlighting the reaction of others who willfully got involved.
Al-Musawwar magazine interviews governor of Qinā, Major General Majdī Ayyoub over his future plans for the Qinā governorate.


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