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The author criticizes the attitude of the police in el-Koshh and many other places where they overstepped the boundaries of authority.
Crowds gathered last week at the Marcos Church in Alexandria, joining in the funeral of Father Abdel Messih Maggar, Patron of the Virgin Mary’s Church at Gheit El-E’nab, in Alexandria who died at the age of 94. Also Sheikh Zein El-Samak, secretary of religious affairs for the Tagammu Party and...
The incident that occurred in the Kashh village in Dar El-Salam, Governorate of Sohag, is an incident that is far away from religious strife but it has been misinterpreted by many. The incident is far away from conflicts between Muslims and Christians as many have been made believe. However, it is...
Three men were killed and a woman injured in a shooting in Dairout.
[also in Al-Osbua, July 6, 1998] The governor of Cairo, Abdel-Rahim Shehata, issued a decree dissolving the Azhar Ulama Front according to directions from a higher religious authority.


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