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  As Egyptian opposition protests enter their third day, some leaders in the Coptic Orthodox Church are urging their members not to participate, which has caused a reaction by some Christians who feel the church should be involved...    
  Jayson Casper previews the "Day of Wrath," a protest by Egyptian opposition parties that corresponds with Egypt's Police Day holiday...      
Wafd Party member Rāmī Lakah (a Greek Catholic) said that his visit to Saint Mark's Coptic Orthodox Cathedral last Wednesday had nothing to do with the elections, but that he was just there to visit Pope Shenouda III. He said that the decision not to run for the al-Azbakiyyah district but to run...
This article reviews a book concerning the Egyptian national identity in recent history, especially focusing on the impact of religion.
Pope Shenouda praised the state's maintenance of contact with expatriate Egyptians at the 'Nation's Sons Abroad' conference.
The author reports on letters from politically and socially concerned Egyptian citizens
The article argues that before the 1952 Revolution Copts were treated as full Egyptian citizens with citizenship rights however since then pluralism has faded away and Copts are now isolated.
Ibrāhīm ‘Īsá sheds light on a number of points about expatriate Copts which he believes should be taken into consideration while judging them.
The article discusses the annual Coptic Youth Conference, and the new addition to the agenda that will be discussed, namely the political participation of the youth.
The article discusses the author’s view of how Egypt will change over the coming years, and how these changes will affect the minorities in the political and social spheres.


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