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The article confirms that Egyptians will never forget those criminals who killed our prisoners of war.
The abolition of the second article of the Constitution would not benefit Copts and would provoke their Muslim brothers.
The symposium held by the Orthodox Church’s Diocese of Youth experienced disagreements between participants over the lack of Coptic participation in political life.
Subtitles:Abdel Nasser did not differentiate in nationalizing Coptic or Islamic capitalNo single Copt was in the highest positions of the Front of the Liberal Officers. The only Copt was in the second lineAbdel Nasser joined the priests and hit secularismThe revolutionaries were the first to invent...
A recently held conference has discussed the idea of establishing an active secular movement in Egypt.
Father Henk van Ruijven (68), a good personal friend of mine, suddenly passed away. Henk had dedicated his live to Egypt and was a bridge builder who will be deeply missed.
The crackdown on the Muslim Brotherhood continued as the prosecutor-general extended the detention of 20 alleged Brotherhood activists, arrested two weeks ago, by another 15 days pending investigation.
All countries are making preparations for the celebration with the third millennium. Since, this event will not be repeated again Egypt has to be unique in its celebrations because Egypt is characterized by certain qualities, which are not present in any other country. The author suggests three...
The Armenians may stand out as a good example of Egypt’s diverse and harmonious cultural mosaic. Despite their integration into Egyptian society, the Armenians have been keen to preserve their cultural identity.
The writer says that the matter of "the unity of the [Egyptian] nation" should be given top priority because ’"...every city or house divided against itself will not stand"’, and Allah commands that if one judges between mankind the judgment must be just. He suggest two solutions to solving this [...


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