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The Evangelical and Catholic churches should soon be able to establish their own endowments bodies, as a bill setting the legal precedent for the authorities is nearly ready for Parliament.
The Egyptian House of Representatives is discussing a bill presented by Dr. Usāma al-ʿAbd, head of the religious and endowment affairs Committee, and 60 other representatives, to amend the way to choose the Mufti of Egypt.  The bill aims to grant the President of the Republic of Egypt to choose...
This paper begins by reviewing Egypt’s post-2011 transition prior to 2013, which includes briefs on the 2011-2012 parliamentary elections, the 2012 presidential elections, and unrest and sectarian violence during the period between Ḥusnī Mubārak’s overthrow and the summer of 2013.
On Thursday, April 11, the heads of the Orthodox, Catholic, Evangelical, and Episcopal Churches held a meeting at the papal headquarters at St. Mark Cathedral in ʿAbāssiyya in the hopes of ending the harmful personal status crisis.  The meeting was presided over by Pope Tawāḍrūs II, Patriarch ...
Representative Karīm Darwīsh, chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee of the House of Representatives, received Armenia's Ambassador to Cairo, Karen Krikorian, on Wednesday.
Nabīl Ghabriyyāl, a Coptic lawyer in cassation, called on church representatives, who recently met to discuss the new personal status bill for non-Muslims (the new family law for Copts), to draw up a text organizing the distribution of inheritance for Christians.   
The Minister of Investment and International Cooperation Saḥar Naṣr met today with a delegation from the Republic of Cyprus headed by the Cypriot Parliamentary Speaker Demetris Syllouris. The delegation includes the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Invest Cyprus Michalis Michael and a number...
Yesterday, many MPs came waving the flags of Egypt under the dome of Parliament in order to vote on the constitutional amendments.
In an earlier statement, MP Maysa ʿAtwa (Secretary of the Parliament’s Manpower Committee) said that the Egyptian women gained many of their rights under President al-Sīsī and became of concern to the political leadership.
MP Sharʿī Ṣāliḥ expressed his approval of the proposed constitutional amendments. As a result, Parliament Speaker ʿAlī ʿAbd al-ʿĀl praised his vision, particularly with regard to allocating 25 percent of the parliamentary seats to women.


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