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The American University in Cairo organized a cultural evening on interfaith dialogue.
This press review presents a summary of a series of articles published in Rose al-Yūsuf. Hānī Labīb writes about the history of the relationship between the pope as the head of the Coptic Orthodox Church, and the president of the Republic of Egypt from the mandate of Jamāl ‘Abd al-Nāsir until the...
Wafā’ Shu‘ayrah reports on the lawsuits filed by Islamized Christians who want to convert back to Christianity.
The author regrets the fact that the anticipated report from the fact-finding committee established after recent sectarian violence in Alexandria was not produced by the deadline of May 16 and now the current Parliamentary round has expired. He compares this to the report produced after sectarian...
The Evangelical Church in Misr al-Jadīda has planned to screen the movie, ‘The Da Vinci Code,’ and to follow the screening with a panel discussing the contents of the book, upon which the movie was based.
The author examines the Egyptian parliament’s seemingly new interest in sectarianism, and argues that they should not focus on a mere movie, the Da Vinci Code, but should address conspiracies that threaten Islamic-Christian co-existence.
In his article, Hamdī Rizq argues that the Muslim Brotherhood is trying to gain ground in every possible field. He believes that they will rehearse their theories and techniques in the upcoming labor union elections.
A People’s Assembly session was dedicated to debating the assaults on churches in Alexandria by an allegedly insane Muslim man, who stabbed one worshipper to death and injured several others. The session also discussed the failure of the security agencies to stop the culprit.
In a previous Rose al-Yousuf article [See AWR 2006, 5, art. 59], Tal‘at Jād Allāh discussed the position of women in the Egyptian political life and lamented their poor representation in parliament. In another Rose al-Yousuf article [See AWR 2006, 4, art. 43], he wrote that people’s choices in the...
Labīb asserts that Christian TV in Egypt has grown in response to several Islamic religious programs that had undermined the Christian faith. He also condemns Al-Nabā’ newspaper for igniting sectarian crises in bad faith.


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