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In a previous Rose al-Yousuf article [See AWR 2006, 5, art. 59], Tal‘at Jād Allāh discussed the position of women in the Egyptian political life and lamented their poor representation in parliament. In another Rose al-Yousuf article [See AWR 2006, 4, art. 43], he wrote that people’s choices in the...
Labīb asserts that Christian TV in Egypt has grown in response to several Islamic religious programs that had undermined the Christian faith. He also condemns Al-Nabā’ newspaper for igniting sectarian crises in bad faith.
The state has recently endeavored to ease tensions and restrictions through regulating the construction of Muslim and Christian houses of worship, and authorizing the governors to issue decisions pertaining to the reconstruction and restoration works of churches.
Egyptian MP, Rajab Hilāl Himīda, made a shocking statement in a parliamentary session claiming that the Qur’ān incites terrorism.
The author states that the Muslim Brotherhood may be the only opposition in parliament currently, but that it would turn Egyptians’ lives into a living hell.
In preparation for the forthcoming Egyptian municipal elections, the Muslim Brotherhood is reported to have made deals with the Coptic Orthodox Church, in an attempt to stop spreading rumors about disputes between the group and Egypt’s Copts and to administer a conclusive defeat to the ruling...
Al-Musawwar magazine interviews governor of Qinā, Major General Majdī Ayyoub over his future plans for the Qinā governorate.
Many Egyptian Christians and U.S. Copts argue that the Hamayouni decree, an Ottoman law dating back to 1856, is still in effect, even though it was officially annulled in 1914 when Egypt was declared a British protectorate.
Chairman of the Proposals and Complaints’ Committee at the People’s Assembly, Muhammad Juwīlī, has recently proposed a draft law on a unified code for houses of worship in Egypt.
In an interview, Major General Fou’ād ‘Allām, who spent over 25 years in the State Security Investigations Authority, states that the Muslim Brotherhood are liars, that some members of the NDP are working against the state’s interests and that unless the opposition parties improve their political...


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