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The article discusses the parliamentary battle over the Shubrā district. Al-Ghad Party leader Mūsá Mustafá Mūsá reportedly made a complaint to Pope Shenouda III about Bishop Yū’annis spreading rumors of the Coptic Orthodox Church endorsing al-Wafd Party candidate Rāmī Lakah against al-Ghad Party...
Dr. Muhammad Habīb, the deputy Murshid of the Muslim Brotherhood, has denied reports of a deal between the banned group and the government.
The suspended priest Filopātīr Jamīl, pastor of the Virgin Mary Church, is claiming that his suspension was a result of his membership of al-Ghad political party and his support for al-Ghad’s leader, Ayman Nour, in the presidential elections.
The U.S. plays an important role in the formation of Egyptian policy since the latter began receiving U.S. aid regardless of what the regime claims of its independence decision and sovereignty.
Khālid al-Dakhīl satirically examines the relationship between ‘yellow’ journalism and the sidewalk. Citing al-Ghad newspaper as an example, al-Dakhīl says that the newspaper has failed to establish a good reputation with the public.
The Prosecution Office of Appeal’s has finished its investigations into the case filed against al-Ghad newspaper in relation to the supplement published on October 4, 2006 entitled "From ‘Ā’ishah, the mother of believers, to ‘Uthmān Bin ‘Affān: the worst ten figures in Islamic history."...
The author attacks an article published by the independent newspaper al-Ghad, the mouthpiece of Ayman Nūr’s al-Ghad Party, in which the journalist criticized the sahābah.
The review deals with the various reactions on al-Ghad weekly supplement entitled “the worst ten figures in Islamic history. Muslim scholars and intellectuals’ opinions are displayed, together with al-Ghad members and leaders’ opinions.
A discussion about shortcomings in the administration of justice in Egypt that allow unscrupulous people to get away with crime.
‘Abd Allāh Kamāl spots the danger threatening Egypt and other Sunnī countries heading towards converting to Shī‘ah.


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