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National Partnership is an idea that exists throughout the world, and was one of the basic demands from the Egyptian people during the January 25 Revolution. The partnership is the moral responsibility of the citizens, and it confirms that the principles of human rights are indispensable in...
Dr. ʿAbd al-Wahhāb al-Masīrī was born in 1938 in Damanhūr governorate, Egypt. In 1975 he took up a position as Advisor of Cultural Affairs to the Permanent Delegation of the Arab League to the United Nations in New York, which he held until 1979. However, he was not able to resume his earlier...
The Egyptian Movement for Change, Kifāya, upgraded defiance in the face of the ruling regime, insisting on tracking down the persons suspected of assaulting protesters against the plebiscite on article 76 of the constitution dealing with presidential elections, including women, before the...
The Egyptian grassroots do not know anything about the Kifāya movement, the Communists or the Muslim Brotherhood, which all marred the quality of life, disturbed the peace and security, played with fire and tampered with people’s interests.
The outlawed Muslim Brotherhood denied it had called for civil disobedience to prevent President Husnī Mubārak from running in the elections next September.
Dr. Yahy? al-Qazzāz, a professor at Hilwān University and a former member of Kifāyah, the Egyptian Movement for Change, believes that the movement has succeeded in achieving many of its objectives. It penetrated to the marrow of Egyptians’ bones, encouraging them to reject all forms of...
The Egyptian Kifāyah [Enough] movement announced that George Ishāq, its general coordinator, will be stepping down and will be replaced by ‘Abd al-Wahāb al-Misīrī, a renowned philosopher in application of the core principles and values of the movement.
Article two in the Egyptian Constitution seems to be the most problematic issue about the proposed Constitutional amendments. While the majority of Egyptians call for a civil state on the basis of citizenship and equality, many stress the impossibility of omitting or changing article two of the...
The article reports on a meeting forthe Kifāyah [Enough] movement that revealed several financial scandals.
The Egyptian press reports on the recent divisions within the Kifāyahmovement, otherwise known as the Egyptian Movement for Change. Seven members from the movement submitted their resignation following the culture minister’s comments on the Ḥijāb.
In an interview, George Ishāq, the Kifāyah coordinator, criticized the regime in Egypt for torturing political activists and expressed the hope that Egyptians would soon rise up and demonstrate against the government as the people of Lebanon did.
The article discusses a study conducted by the author on the political and social circumstances of Copts.
The conference about the reform in the Coptic Orthodox Church is still arousing noise. This review presents the comments of Bishop Murqus, the official spokesman of Pope Shenouda III, and other different echoes and comments on the conference.
The coordinator of the controversial movement Kifāyah says, in this interview with Sawt al-Ummah, that his group has included all political orientations in a bid to unify ranks in the face of a regime that is loathed by all Egyptians.
Kifayah is experiencing internal conflict between its leaders and youths for change.
A critique of a member of the ’Kifāyah’ movement for showing intolerance towards press criticism.
Karam Jabr asserts the importance of limiting mosques’ role to worship and supports the recent law banning demonstrations from being held in mosques.
The Kifāyah movement attacks government corruption while it turns a blind eye to its own malpractice.
Rose al- Yūsuf obtained an internal note of “Kifāyah” that criticizes the movement harshly and calls for radical change in its internal organisation.
The German-Egyptian humanitarian activist Philip Rizk was released after an ordeal of over four days of police interrogations. Philip Rizk described the experience at a press conference at his house on February 13.


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