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The Dayr Mawwās district awaits the results of the National Democratic Party’s electoral complex. Candidate Ibrāhīm Ilyās says that promises to calm the current sectarian tension, along with allowing visits to previously prohibited tourist sites, dominate the votes. Current representative, ‘Alā‘...
Eight Copts in Alexandria, seven Orthodox and one Protestant, compete to represent the National Democratic Party in upcoming parliamentary elections. The seven Orthodox candidates seek the Church's endorsement. Some even claim to be personally endorsed by the Pope. The Pope's denial of those claims...
The author talks about the ruling party’s plans to expand in order to compete with the National Democratic Party, but face limited capacities to guarantee their domination.
Civil rights activist, Sa<sup>c</sup>d al-Dīn Ibrāhīm, told Amr Adeeb that it would be legal for Gamal Mubarak to become president if article 76 in the Egyptian constitution were to be abolished. He also advised Mohamed Elbaradei to form a back-up plan in case his seven demands aren't...
Munīr Fakhrī ‘Abd Al-Nūr examines protest movements again the National Democratic Party, reflecting on their causes, effectiveness, and Al- Barād‘ī'’s role in the future of Egyptian politics.
The article discusses the relationship between Jamāl Mubārak and the Coptic Orthodox Church.  
Al-Dawākhilī reflects on the courageous attitudes stance adopted by the parliamentary deputy, Georgette Qillīnī.
This article sheds light upon the National Council for Human Rights report on the human rights status quo in Egypt during 2006-2009, addressed to Geneva International Council for Human Rights.
The author casts light on the issue of removing the religion field from the personal ID card and its effects on the civilian society.
Hānī Samīrclaims the National Democratic Party (NDP) contributes to fitnah among Egyptians


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