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The author discusses failures in Egypt to ensure full citizenship rights for women, children, the elderly and the Copts. He notes that a conference, to be held in December, will address issues of citizenship.
Nabīl Zakī analyses human rights violations committed by Egyptian police.
Al-Maydān interviewed the leader of the Washington- based U.S. Coptic Association, Michael Munīr, about his recent visit to Egypt, during which he attended a number of conferences and asked him for his opinion on a number of political issues, including the increasing role of the Muslim Brotherhood...
A draft law to combat rumors in Egypt is currently under study by the People’s Assembly. The Journalists’ Syndicate announced its strong opposition to the draft law, describing it as a threat to freedom of opinion and expression.
The author defends the importance of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt since its establishment in 1928, asserting it could play a major role in the Egyptian political scene.
‘Abd al- Rahīm ‘Alī traces the history of the emergency law in Egypt. He also examines the terrorist attacks that rocked Egypt from 1981 through 1990, arguing that the emergency law failed to defeat terrorism.
In his article, Hamdī Rizq argues that the Muslim Brotherhood is trying to gain ground in every possible field. He believes that they will rehearse their theories and techniques in the upcoming labor union elections.
The author criticizes the tug-of-war between the Muslim Brotherhood deputies and those of the NDP inside parliament over trivial issues. Instead, he argues that they should unify their ranks as Egyptians in the face of terrorism, which is gnawing at the country’s significant source of income...
Tharwat al-Kharbāwī argues that corruption has reached an unprecedented level in Egypt, pushing millions of Egyptians below the poverty line. He laments the current situation in Egyptian society and expresses his fears about the future of the country.
The author discusses Egypt’s political future, in the light of the success of the Muslim Brotherhood in the recent parliamentary elections. He calls for a national discussion over the founding principles of the nation, which would then provide the framework for all future changes to the state.


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