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Egyptian Churches have criticized the ruling National Democratic Party (NDP) for not inviting them to attend the party’s annual conference. They re-affirmed the necessity of speeding up the activation of the enforcement of the concepts of citizenship and religious freedom.
Michael Munīr will meet with a leading NDP member, during his visit to Cairo, to discuss with him issues of concern to the Copts and believes that the laymens’ demands are legitimate.
Sources close to Pope Shenouda asserted that the pope had received a phone call from a senior leader of the National Democratic Party to consult him on the issue of the unified draft law for building houses of worship.
The following presents an interview between Dr. Hala Mustafa and CIDT interns. Dr. Mustafa comments on her role in the National Democratic Party’s Policies Committee, her opinions on reform in Egypt, critiquing the role of Egyptian security, and the necessary steps needed for reform to take effect.
Authorities in Egypt have agreed to license a political party named the Democratic Front led by Usāmah al-Ghazūlī, a defector from the ruling National Democratic Party.
The article presents a dialogue with Ahmad Abū Ḥajjī, who started as an Islamist, then became a Marxist, and is now an NDP member of parliament.
Some intellectuals comment on Christians’ political activities.
The author pursues his lastest report on the defenders of the minister of culture and regarded them as autocrats who despise the public opinion.
A press review on a recent symposium about Copts’ participation in political life in Egypt. Participants of different perspectives expressed their viewpoints about the matter, and proposed practical steps to stimulate Copts’ participation in political life. The Muslim Brotherhood was also...
Coptic writer Jamāl As‘ad explains what he terms "totalitarianism in the name of religion." He provides two examples from both Muslim and Christian milieus: the Muslim Brotherhood’s reaction to Farūq Husnī’s anti-H...


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