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Abu al- ‘Alā’ Mādī, founder of the Wasat Party, harshly criticizes the Egyptian government for not licensing his party, arguing that the government is not after political reform.
The fatwa of Dr. Mohammed Selim Al-Awa, Dr. Youssef Al-Qaradawi and others which allows American Muslims to take part in the American attacks against Afghanistan was described by some people as a new crusade. It contradicts the other fatwas, each of which relies on some religious, political and...
The author is commenting on the two messages published by Rose al-Yousuf magazine in response to his earlier article about the expatriate Copts and their efforts to internationalize the issues of Egypt’s Copts.
The author quotes the Wasat Party leader Abu al-‘Ilā Mādī as accusing the government of seeking the termination of his party through coordination with the Muslim Brotherhood.
Dr. Nabīl Louqā Bibāwī argues that establishing religion-based parties is unconstitutional in Egypt, since article 5 of the Egyptian constitution states, "the political system of the Arab Republic of Egypt is a multiparty one, within the framework of the basic elements and principles of Egyptian...
A recently held conference has discussed the idea of establishing an active secular movement in Egypt.
A recently held conference in Egypt about the establishment of a secularist approach to politics has stated that democracy requires secularism.
The review concerns the recent arrests of members of the Muslim Brotherhood, on charges of holding a meeting in violation of the law and the constitution.
The author wonders about using the word ‘banned’ in relation to the Muslim Brotherhood in the press, believing that their success in the parliamentary elections has allowed newspapers the space to choose a proper description for the group.
The article is a response to a letter sent to the author by Talaat Gad Allah, a Coptic writer and a member of the Wafd Party, in which he commented on an article by the author titled “Abdel Nasser and the persecution of Copts”. The author provides information to prove his opinion that the 1952...


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