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Political and social theorist Sir Isaiah Berlin famously compared nationalism to a ‘bent twig’, ‘forced down so severely that when released, it lashed back wit
A new government lineup under a prominent member of the Muslim Brotherhood group is almost finalized, according to the ikhwanonline.com website. 
A quarrel erupted on August 22 between Islamists and leftists following Dr. ‘Isām ‘Iryān’s attack on the latter.  ‘Iryān, acting leader of the Freedom and Justice Party, accused leftists of receiving foreign funds and acting superior towards the people. (Ahmad ‘Alām, al-Misrī al-Yawm, August 23, p...
Today’s press overview is tackling a “weird” so-called fatwá sanctioning the killing of opponents of President Muhammad Mursī, made by Shaykh Hāshim Islām, a member of the Azhar’s fatwá committee. In his religious opinion, Islām considered the opponents as “khawārij [Kharijites which means...
Hizb al-Hayāh (the Party of Life), headed by Michael Munīr, has announced its rejection of the constituent assembly for drafting the new Egyptian constitution, and that it has joined other Egyptian political parties in standing together to save the new constitution from danger.
  Tamarrod launches a campaign in solidarity with the Copts and against religious extremism that calls for religious division. The party advocated the importance of national solidarity and the need to move away from certain parties which aim to divide the national community. 
The Administrative Court has ruled to refer the lawsuit demanding the dissolution of the FJP (translator’s note: the political arm of the Muslim Brotherhood)  to the state commissioners board in the Council of State to give their legal opinion on the matter. 
Cairo Urgent Affairs Court banned the leaders of the former NDP (National Democratic Party) from running in all the coming elections. 
Al- Nasr Sufī Party requested the presidential hopefuls to select their cabinet members based on their qualifications.
Both al-Tagamu’ and al-Mu’tamar political parties decided to endorse al- Sīsī in the coming presidential race. 


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