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The national front seeks to coordinate with religious institutions in order to raise awareness of the dangers of terrorism and violent armed groups. The assistant general secretary of the Wafd Party stressed that the religious institutions are aware of their role, concerned with development, and...
A split faction of the Muslim Brotherhood announced its intention to form a new political party “Free Justice”.
The conflict between Salafīs has escalated in intensity to the extent of making accusations of treason. 
The women's committee of al-Wafd party has visited the Coptic Catholic Theological Seminaryin Maʿādi on Saturday, as part of the journey of the track of the Holy Family in Egypt under the slogan "Egypt of Love". The delegation was received by Father Bīshūy Rasmī, director of the Coptic Catholic...
An anonymous source from the Da’wah stated that the there is a feeling of anger among the youth of the Da’wah al- Salafiah and the Nūr Party against the Ministry of Endowments.
Rabī’ Shalabī, member of the Building and Development Party, has submitted a request to the committee of political parties to dissolve the party.
The Nūr Party has convened a meeting on February 6 to set its criteria for the presidential candidate that it will support and responded to the campaign of the Muslim Brotherhood against it. The meeting resulted in a set of criteria, including the need for a president who maintains national unity...
Sources stated that Dr. Yāssir Burhamī has resigned  from his position in  Nūr party to dedicate his time to preaching as well as to end his issue with the Ministry of Endowments which refuses to give him a license as he still practices political work
The Supreme Administrative Court headed by Counselor Nazīh Tanāghū has ruled to dissolve the Freedom and Justice Party.
President ‘Abd al-Fattāh al-Sīsī stressed during a meeting with a group of media professionals that it is important to say the truth and to present it honestly.


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