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The issue of culling and executing all pigs in Egypt dominated the discussions of the Shūrá Council last week.
The author asks several questions of the administration regarding why the Shūrá Council fire happened and failed to be extinguished for so long. It also raises questions about the lack of fire safety in every building in Cairo and the in competency of the government in dealing with this issue.
The author laments the deterioration of Egyptian national sensibility by comparing the recent Shura Council building fire to the Opera House fire 40 years ago. He sees apathy and incompetence among the general population, the government and professionals.
The Supreme Press Council’s recent report has criticized the way private newspapers reported on the Shūrá Council fire and commented that al-Wafd and Watanī failed to abide by the rules for publishing adverts.
The Shūrá Council has approved a project law to prevent demonstrations in houses of worship. The majority of Egyptian political parties and authorities approved the decision, but certain people have expressed their opposition to it.
The relationship between the ruling party presided by President Mubārak and Pope Shenouda reached an impasse after Mubārak ignored a request submitted by Pope Shenouda to appoint three Copts in al-Shūrá Council.
Outrage and a desire for revenge against the regime prevailed within the church after the regime broke its promise to allocate a number of seats to the Copts in the Shūrá Council’s mid-term elections.
Coptic independent nominee to the Shūrá Council’s elections Marqus Nakhalah reveals incidents of falsification in the favor of the nominee of the ruling national Democratic Party.
The article talks about the heated electoral campaigns that characterize the struggle between Muslim Brotherhood’s candidates and those of the ruling National Democratic Party to win the race of the Shūrá Council elections.
A few days before the Shūrá Council elections, the government began a massive security raid of the Muslim Brotherhood organization and detained many of the group’s supporters. Senior officers of the Brotherhood defined the procedures as a prepared plan to rig the results of the election.


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