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The author of this article quotes several people, the conglomoration of which reveals that the secular-based Coptic council, al-Majlis al-Mīllī, is very important and provides much assistance to the Copts and the Church, but that it also currently has many weaknesses which must be sorted through.
The author argues that Copts’ blood and honor are targeted by the state, as represented by the security authorities and extremists.
As al-Majlis al-Mīllī [Coptic Orthodox Denominational Council] elections draw near, some Coptic figures, intellectuals and clergymen have criticized the church for interfering in the elections. Pope Shenouda III of Alexandria has been accused of favoring a circle of Copts close to him....
The author is reviewing the crisis of the opposition newspapers, which he argues are victims of the power struggle inside political parties.
The author says that the death of Ahmad Abu Tālib in December 2005, in Kafr Salāma village, al-Sharqīya Governorate, has turned into a sectarian sedition that ripped through the whole village when Muslim families took to the streets, calling for revenge, and driving Copts out of the village.
In a previous Rose al-Yousuf article [See AWR 2006, 5, art. 59], Tal‘at Jād Allāh discussed the position of women in the Egyptian political life and lamented their poor representation in parliament. In another Rose al-Yousuf article [See AWR 2006, 4, art. 43], he wrote that people’s choices in the...
Coptic activist Majdī Khalīl claims discrimination against Copts in Egypt and cites a number of incidents where Copts are openly discriminated against and treated unfairly by authorities.
Arms trading is the only suspect that no one paid attention to in the recent incident at Al-Kosheh, although it was behind every incident to threaten the security and safety of citizens and the country, and although the bats of darkness [the terrorists] used them [the firearms] to kill around 1500...
An interview with Ibrahim Shukry, the 83 year old head of the Islamist Labor Party on al-Koshh and the place of Coptic Christians in Egypt.
An analysis of the city of Port Said, and Al-Sayyed Hussein Mahmoud Soliman, the 40-year-old clothes vendor who stirred up public resentment when he attacked President Hosni Mubarak’s motorcade during a visit on September 6 to Port Said last week. Soliman was hot dead by Mubarak’s bodyguards.


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