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The author of the article raises doubts about the purpose of certain human rights organizations that he claims are bringing Egypt into disrepute.
The author of the article argues that the financial support offered by foreign organization to Egyptian NGOs is spent on political activities and luxuries for these NGOs’ employees.
Agharīd Mustafa was interested in the attempts of Drs. Cornelis Hulsman, a Dutch scholar and the director of the Center for Arab-West Understanding, to narrow the gap between the West and the Arab world. She interviewed him in Cairo for the Kuwaiti newspaper al-Ra’y al- ‘Ām.
A number of Egyptian civil society organizations receive millions of dollars in annual funding from foreign bodies. Many questions arise regarding the state supervision of these NGOs and the role of the Ministry of Social Solidarity in this regard.
The author comments on the US interference in Egyptian domestic affairs. For example, the case of Saad Eddin Ibrahim, homosexuals, female genital mutilation, Coptic problems and human rights issues.
The European Union announced, last May, a contest to apply for funding for projects serving human rights, democracy, political participation, refugees and minority’ causes. A group of organizations and associations submitted proposals which were then rejected due to incomple documents and papers,...
Ahmad Usāma replies to the allegations made about al-Karma center in art. 11.
Al-Karma Center for Human Development has suddenly emerged as an important development center funded from abroad, although the name of its chairman, Ahmad Usāma, was not known in civil society circles.
The application for NGO status seems to be going from postponement to postponement.
The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights issued a report criticizing the new law for civil organizations. It believes that the law puts hard restrictions on the establishment and activities of civil organizations


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