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The application for NGO status seems to be going from postponement to postponement.
The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights issued a report criticizing the new law for civil organizations. It believes that the law puts hard restrictions on the establishment and activities of civil organizations
A discussion of homosexuality and Egyptian law taken from a bachelor’s thesis on Egyptian law.
Nabīl Sāmu’īl Abādīr argues that NGOs promoting democracy should themselves be democratic.
A new trend is appearing in campaign politics: parliamentary hopefuls are using NGOs to improve their image and increase their popularity.
Foreign funding is one of the controversial issues that trigger much debate in the political arena, especially after the government has accused human rights organizations of receiving millions of dollars from American and European organizations to harm our national security. This accusation...
Interior Minister, Habīb al-‘Ādlī categorically denied security interference with accepting or refusing the promulgation of civil society organizations.
A number of extremist groups and organizations seek to establish NGOs after responsible authorities dismissed their application for founding political parties.
Some foreign organizations that advocate freedom of individuals to be homosexual have increased pressure on Egypt to recognize gay rights, regardless of how applicable this idea is to different societies. Human rights organizations in Egypt have reaffirmed the Egyptian society’s conservative...
Some human rights organizations believe that the Egyptian government violated the rights of a group of Egyptian youth who were practicing homosexual relationships. The objection displayed by these human rights organizations raises critical issues that result from cultural differences within the...


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