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An unprecedented decision to close Al-Nadīm Center for Rehabilitation of Victims of Violence and Torture, one of the most prominent civil society organizations in Egypt, has caused much controversy and criticism of a potentially systematic policy aimed at human rights organizations. The decision...
Dalia Ziyāda, director of the Egyptian Center for Liberal Democracy Studies, said that the Nadīm Center works outside the law, in the sense that it is registered with the Ministry of Health as a psychiatric and neurological clinic, and then it becomes a center for human rights. They wanted to work...
When Al-Nadīm Center for Rehabilitation of Victims of Violence says that 13 people died in places of detention in November, including nine as a result of torture, three as a result of medical negligence and one suicide case, we should be alerted. 
This report provides an overview of different human rights organizations in Egypt and th
An examination of the human rights situation in Egypt shows that it is even worse than one might expect, says a new report issued jointly by three human rights organizations on July 12.
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