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Copts in Dayrūt of Asyut Governorate are terrified following repeated attacks by groups of thugs. 
Dr. ʿAbd al-Ghaffār Shukr (Abdel-Ghaffar Shokr), Vice President of the National Council for Human Rights (NCHR), has held several positions, including vice president of the Center for Arab and African Research in Cairo, and head of the former Socialist Popular Alliance. He is one of the veteran...
During the opening of the annual forum of NGOs organized by the Egyptian National Council for Human Rights (NCHR) on Tuesday, the NCHR’s President Muḥammad Fāʾiq said that there can be no democracy without an active civil society to put the constitution into effect, adding that the NCHR is focusing...
On Saturday, during a telephone interview for the TV program “Sā'a Min Misr” (One-Hour-News On Egypt), the head of The Egyptian Organization For Human Rights (EOHR), Mahmūd Badawi, critized a recently court ruling that gave non-governmental organizations the right to receive foreign funding,...
Table of Contents I. Introduction: Complications II. Egyptian Media Reporting III. Experiences of the Center for Arab-West Understanding (CAWU) IV. NGO Registration: The U.S. Model
Edited by: Cornelis Hulsman, Editor-in-chief Arab-West Report, Clare Turner, academic language editor CIDTAn in depth report into 13 human rights organizations in Egypt, written with a view to creating a network with some of these organizations with a particular focus on issues of mutual interest...
Comments on Freedom House’s recent visit to Egypt.
The article focuses on the organizations that are defaming the Egyptian system internationally describing it as being oppressive, violating human rights and doing nothing positive for the country’s development.
The author wonders whether Egyptians are experiencing a stage of creative chaos, coinciding with the visit of US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to Cairo last year. She wonders whether the people nurturing this chaos realize that the price of this chaos would be paid by everyone.
The board of the EOHR reversed on December 18 its earlier decision to freeze the activities of the organization The board also promised to continue to battle for legal status, despite efforts by the state to derail the process.
While the whole world is celebrating the golden jubilee for the World Declaration of Human Rights, we here in Egypt celebrate it in a different way, which assures our backwardness in the field of human rights.
No one can diminish the important role the human rights organizations played. They created directly or indirectly a form of new awareness in the society regarding human rights in light of the diminishing and weakened role of the opposition parties.
The leader of the Egyptian Organization for Human Rights (EOHR) has been arrested for "accepting funds from a foreign country with the intention of carrying out acts detrimental to Egypt."
The secretary-general [of the EOHR] was called in for investigations and was detained by the prosecutor. He said that the cheque had no relation to the report on el-Koshh.
The decision taken last week by the Board of Trustees of the Egyptian Organization for Human Rights (EOHR) to freeze the organization’s activities, is the last in a long series of weak positions taken by this board.
The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights was mistaken in explaining the events of Al-Koshh but it is certain there is no conspiracy behind what happened.
Human Rights Watch, a US organization defending human rights, demanded the immediate release of Hafez Abu Se’da, Secretary General of the Egyptian Organization for Human Rights.
The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights decided to freeze its activities all over the country following an urgent board of trustees meeting held late last night.
It is not a coincidence that every now and then the issue of the funding of human rights organizations pops up, and I believe that the issue will continue to be raised as long as the activists are not abiding in this field by the new morality.
Egyptian human rights organizations express their deep concern about the accelerating campaign aiming at sullying the reputation of the human rights movement and questioning its credibility and the patriotism of those running the organizations.


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