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A visiting American delegation hailed the role played by the Egyptian National Council for Human Rights (NCHR) in supporting freedoms and the content of its annual reports.
The third meeting of the Council for Human Rights and civil society organizations has called for the establishment of a Ministry of Human Rights and for changes in Egyptian society to prevent sectarianism and discrimination.
Al-Musawwar had an interview with the vice-president of the Egyptian National Council for Human Rights, Kamāl Abu al-Majd, where he discussed religious, legal, political and security problems in Egypt.
The National Human Rights Committee proposes ways of dealing with issues of sectarian sedition, the judges and terrorism and Sinai.
Some people argue that the Egyptian National Council for Human Rights is a puppet council, controlled by the Egyptian government. Much to the surprise of its critics, the council has successfully managed to address issues of public concern, such as emergency laws, the Coptic dossier,...
The government’s National Council for Human Rights has issued its second annual report, which criticized the emergency law, in effect for 25 years, calling on the government to stop all such exceptional laws.
Contrary to the expectations of many, the muftī of the republic, Dr. ‘Alī Jum‘a has apologized for not participating in the newly-formed Interfaith Dialogue Committee affiliated with the Azhar’s Islamic Research Academy.
The National Council for Human Rights is now fully prepared to observe the upcoming presidential and legislative elections. A working group has set up a committee to prepare the final report on the elections.
Deputy Chairman of the Egyptian National Council for Human Rights, Dr. Ahmad Kamāl Abu al-Majd, met yesterday with a delegation from the Spanish Senate
Nearly 453 Muslim Brotherhood activists, detained during the recent parliamentary elections, were released yesterday, an official source told al-Hayāt. Meanwhile, the United States has recently decided to break off negotiations on the Free Trade Agreement with Egypt, arguing that Egypt has slowed...


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