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During his meeting with leaders of the Egyptian National Council for Human Rights, Congressman Frank Wolf raised yesterday the issues of Coptic persecution, Ghad Party leader Ayman Nour’s imprisonment and Sudanese refugees in Egypt.
The author argues that globalization has opened Egypt’s borders to international interference in her domestic affairs.
Ahmad Kamāl Abu al-Majd, deputy chairman of the National Council for Human Rights and former minister of information said in an interview that the reality of our Muslim nation is degrading due to the split, confusion and failure to show the true image of Islam to the outside world.
Dr. Kamal Abu Al-Magd, presents his view towards a number of issues related to the relation between the Arab and Muslim world and the West. These issues include terrorism, martyrdom operations, the Arab-Israeli conflict, the US war on terrorism, Zionist Christianity and others.
The article presents the views of some members of the National Council for Human Rights regarding the responsibilities of the newly-established council and the change it will bring to Egyptian political life.
On January 19, 2004, the National Council for Human Rights (NCHR) was established to protect all Egyptian citizens. Despite the efforts exerted to boost its activity, it needs more powers to make its task a success.


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