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This is the title of the message that was received by Priest Morcos Aziz Khalil of the Virgin Mary’s Church and head of the Archangel Michael Church in Connecticut in the United States. Father Morcos was the patron of the Hanging Church in Egypt before immigrating to the US.
The author criticizes the attitude of the police in el-Koshh and many other places where they overstepped the boundaries of authority.
Excessive reports appeared abroad about police torture in el-Koshh.
The incident that occurred in the Kashh village in Dar El-Salam, Governorate of Sohag, is an incident that is far away from religious strife but it has been misinterpreted by many. The incident is far away from conflicts between Muslims and Christians as many have been made believe. However, it is...
The author, director of the Institute of Strategic Studies at Al Ahram criticizes Arab states for their double standards.
The human rights record of the American police force reveals the hypocrisy of the American system.
Amnesty International and the Egyptian Organization for Human Rights (EOHR) have said in reports on the year 1997 there have been two negative developments. The first was the People’s Assembly’s decision to extend the Emergency Law, in force since 1981, for three more years. The second negative...


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