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Vice president of the National Council for Human Rights criticizes the current superficial religiosity in the Islamic countries and considered calls to abolish the Sharī‘ah to be a kind of madness.
NCHR annual report covers human rights, sectarianism, freedom of expression, the emergency law, political party formation, elections, women in politics and more.
In recent years Egyptians’ fears about the lack of political liberalization have been allayed by the economic liberalization however in light of the global financial crisis it looks as though the economic reform may also be negatively affected.
The Watanī offices received a call from the head of the National Council for Human Rights, Boutros Boutros Ghali accusing Watanī of false reporting.
Egyptians against Religious Discrimination have released a statement which claims that the ruling against Christian twins Andrew and Mario is a form of discrimination.
The article reviews a bill proposed by Mona ZulFaqqar, a member of the National Council for Human Rights, which aims to ban discrimination in the workplace and ensure equal access to employment opportunities in employment in Egypt.
The NCHR has proposed a unified law for houses of worship.
The NCHR has called for the removal of the religion section in official papers in order to comply with the constitutional principle of citizenship.
Claims pronounced by the National Council of Human Rights that sectarian strife and conflict is on the rise in Egypt, using Abu Fana as an example.
Member of the National Council for Human Rights and of the fact-finding committee delegated by the council to prepare a report on the issue of Abū Fānā, Munīr Fakhrī ‘Abd al-Nūr comments on the report of the council and stresses seriousness of the issue.


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