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During a meeting of the Religious Affairs Committee in the House of Representatives, headed by Dr. Usāma al-ʿAbd, on Monday, to discuss the draft law submitted by the government on the reorganization of the Egyptian Endowments Authority, Dr. Muḥammad Mukhtār Jumʿah, Minister of Endowments,...
The Cairo Criminal Court under Judge Muḥammad Sharīn Fahmī is getting ready today for the retrial of the former president Muḥammad Mursī and the Muslim Brotherhood on the “trespassing Eastern borders” case.  Masrāwy gives an overview of the case:   
In his book “In the Scenes of the Press and Politics”, the Journalist ‘Atif Al-Ghamrī swiftly and smoothly recounts his own experience and shows how the role of journalism is deeply rooted in the conscience of the Egyptian nation since its debut.   
Karīm Kamāl, president of the organization General Union of Copts for the Homeland urged Egyptians who are living abroad to support current President al-Sīsī and to participate numerously in the presidential elections that are taking place on March 16, 17, and 18 for the Expats. Egyptians living...
Mursī, during his meeting with the Egyptian community in the United States while attending the UN General Assembly meetings in New York, had denied there are sectarian problems in Egypt. 
Meanwhile, Archpriest Frances Farīd of the Beni Suef parish said President Muhammad Mursī’s decisions to retire Field Marshal Muhammad Husayn Tantāwī and cancel the complementary constitutional declaration ended the military’s grip over power but were taken in the wrong time.
  Minister of Information Salāh ‘Abd al-Maqsūd said a new law is under way to set up a national media council comprising representatives of all active political groups in the society to replace the media council, adding he would be the last minister of information.
Lt. General Subhī Sayīd, graduated in 1968 from the Egyptian Military Academy, was appointed as the Armed Forces Chief of Staff.
Al-Ahrām ran a brief piece on the background of Counsellor Mahmūd Mikī, the new Vice President.
A military source has stated that there is no truth in reports that there have been negative reactions toward the changes that have taken place in leading positions in the armed forces, particularly as there had been coordination and consultation [with the armed forces regarding these changes.


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