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Al-Wafd interviews Muhammad Abū al-Ghār, Head of March 9th Movement, concerning the reasons and solutions for fitnah in Egypt. 
Coptic expatriates organizations support Muhammad al-Barādi‘ī in the coming presidential elections and call on Copts to vote for him.
The article discusses the relationship between Jamāl Mubārak and the Coptic Orthodox Church.  
The national committee against sectarian violence was established in the aftermath of the attacks of Naj‘ Hammādī.
Al-Wafd interviews Bahyy al-Dīn Hasan, human rights activist, asking about reasons and solutions for fitnah in Egypt. 
Al-Wafd interviews Muná Makram ‘Ubayd and discuss Muslim – Christian relations.
Al-Wafd reports on Maurice Sādiq’s attacks on major Christian figures in Egypt.  
Al-Dawākhilī reflects on the courageous attitudes stance adopted by the parliamentary deputy, Georgette Qillīnī.
Al-Dustūr writes about Nabīl ‘Abd al-Fattāh and his major writings and ideas.
The Secretary General of al-Wafd party responds to declarations of the Speaker of the People’s Assembly about Copts in Egyptian politics and society.


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