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Al-Darbī presents a report on the principles of citizenship in Egypt. She discusses the difficulties, and reports the positive steps taken in this regard. She also reports on the viewpoints of a number of observers and specialists.
The author quotes a statement of a human rights group, in which it defends the Coptic businessman Najīb Sawirus’s right to express his opinion. A few weeks ago, Sawirus was reported as attacking the Ḥijāb along with other features of religious extremism.
Samīr Marqus presented hints of the life and achievements of the great Coptic thinker William Sulaymān Qilādah in the field of Egyptian nationalism movement.
The following presents an interview between Dr. Hala Mustafa and CIDT interns. Dr. Mustafa comments on her role in the National Democratic Party’s Policies Committee, her opinions on reform in Egypt, critiquing the role of Egyptian security, and the necessary steps needed for reform to take effect.
According to a Canadian newspaper, about 100 Egyptian Coptic families are in hiding in Canada or waiting for a refugee hearing.
Gabar Asfour should be Gabir Asfour. Khalifa was translated successor instead of Caliph.


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