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After the breakdown of the National Alliance in Support for Legitimacy the International Muslim Brotherhood Organization has announced its support to the “Document of Ten Principles” (also known as the Brussels’ document) which was issued by Muslim Brother fugitive leaders.   
Eng. Abd al- Mun’im al- Shahāt, spokesman of al- Da’wah al- Salafiyah, who issued an earlier fatwá that democracy is religiously prohibited,  stated that we select al-Sīsī, out of concern for sharī’ah  and that no political pact was made with him.
Pope Tawadros has led the mass for commemorating al- Arba’īn for his mother (traditional occasion of 40 days after someone’s death).
Muhammad Mukhtār Jum’ah, Minister of Endowments,  has assured that he will not allow imāms and preachers to campaign for any political group or candidate. 
During the call-in show dubbed ‘Yaḥduth fī Miṣr’ (happening in Egypt) aired on Egypt’s mbc channel, the Egyptian President criticized how Egyptian media deal with reports on Europe, stating the example of the actual turmoil in France “that cannot be compared to what occurs in Egypt,” the President...
The Jamā’ah al- Islāmiyah is undergoing internal debate between the internal and external leaders.
Dār al- ‘Iftā has requested to put a code of honor with religious regulations for those who go on social media sites.
The anniversary of the dispersion of Rāb’ah al- ‘Adawiyah is coming near. 
President ‘Abd al-Fattāh al-Sīsī stressed during a meeting with a group of media professionals that it is important to say the truth and to present it honestly.
After thanking the security forces and judiciary for their roles in facilitating  the elections, Grand Muftī Shawqī Allām called upon all Egyptians to support the coming president in this critical part of Egypt’s history


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