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The author reports on letters from politically and socially concerned Egyptian citizens
A Muslim man refused to allow the opening of a door in a mosque opposite his home. The action angered the villagers who set fire in his home.
Al-Dustūr reports about Jumu‘ah speeches delivered in Egypt.
The article summarizes the ideas included in chapter four of the dissertation of the doctorate entitled ‘Al-Muwājahah al-Amnīyah Li al-Irhāb’ [Security Confrontation of Terrorism] by Dr. Nabīl Lūqā Bibāwī.
This article sheds light on the Western insults directed toward Muslims every now and then. The author suggests that working hard and depending on one’s self is the best reaction toward confronting such insults. He urges Muslims not to be distorted or shaken by these incidents as this is the main...
The author criticizes Pope Benedict XVI’s stance against Islam and Muslims and highlights the contradiction entailed in his claims which remind him of the negative image of Islam and Muslims prevailing in the West. Besides, the author points out that extremism is what makes the Copts in Egypt feel...
Missionary activities can often cause heated debates amongst religions around the world. In this report Shaymā’ Abū al-Khayr and Sharīf al-Dawākhilī analyze the situation in Egypt from both the Muslim and Christian sides.
The author reflects on 2007 and looks toward 2008 and the challenges that must be tackled in Egyptian society.
The various members of Turkey’s political scene are still fiercely debating the issue of the ban on headscarves in public institutions. Recently the high court ruled that the constitutional amendment that was passed in February allowing women to wear the headscarves in universities is null. The...
The author believes that football, like many aspects of Egyptian life, now has a religious element and wonders how much of an effect the devoutness of the Egyptian players has on their success on the football pitch.


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